Your Parish, Your Council

Serving The Parish Since 1894

Welcome to the Almondsbury Parish Council website. Here you will find, amongst other information, a little about what the parish council does, times and dates of meetings and contact details for your parish councillors.

  • Entrance of St. Mary's Church, Almondsbury
  • The Fox pub, Easter Compton
  • View of Compton from Bristol Golf Club
  • Entrance to The Mall, Cribbs Causeway
  • The Vue cinema, Cribbs Causeway

Almondsbury Parish is made up of four wards, Almondsbury, Compton, Cribbs Causeway and Hallen. It has a total electorate of around 3,750 and places for thirteen councillors. Our Councillors are all governed by a recently revised Code of Conduct.

We hope this website will lead to increased engagement between the parish council and the community it serves. The vast majority of our meetings are open to the public and you will receive a warm welcome at any you choose to attend.

If you have a question, require further information or a suggestion for the website, please call the Clerk on 01454 614153 or use the contact form.

There is a limited time allowed at full Council meetings for the public to speak. If you wish to address the Council, it would be helpful if you would kindly notify the Clerk in advance.